Lab Fee
CDS labs are available for use by students currently enrolled in continuing education classes or in the Certificate in Documentary Arts program. This fee allows students to use the darkroom and/or digital printing labs. Students who wish to use the digital printers must first take the Digital Printing Tutorial. Students wishing to use the darkroom are required to take the Darkroom Tutorial; this requirement may be waived if they have extensive darkroom experience. Students who pay the fee are entitled to use of the labs for one semester only, fall or spring. The fall semester runs from September to December, and the spring semester runs from January through April. Lab fees will not be prorated. The labs follow the academic calendar and are closed for winter and summer breaks. Students may only use the labs during open hours, when they're not in use by a class or otherwise reserved. To see when labs are reserved, go to the Google calendar at: Username: cdslabcalendar Password: checkcalendar