Social Media for Change, Advocacy, and Education (Online)



In this online course, students will utilize social media platforms to discuss and share information around a controversial, trending, or historical event or topic that they believe at least 80 percent of their followers are unaware of or misinformed about. The goal for the students is to take significant information that they have researched and share it in a compelling manner with a medium of their choice in order to gain the attention and curiosity of their followers. This course will create social media influencers for change. The ultimate goal of the course is to help students fully realize the power and uses of social media as a tool for change, advocacy, and education.

Destiny Owens (founder of DDO PRODUCTIONS LLC and cofounder of the Free Media Collective) is a North Carolina native who seeks to raise awareness on systemic injustices and social inequalities as well as change the minds and hearts of others through filmmaking. Owens is extremely passionate about Black history, visual storytelling and the lives, rights and overall well-being of those in communities of color. She is a 2016 graduate of North Carolina Central University, where she double majored in history and mass communication with a focus in journalism/media studies. Owens went on to earn an MFA in film and electronic media from American University. After graduating a year early from AU, Owens relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of producing and directing in the film industry. “I strongly believe that in order to know where you are going, you have to know from where you came. History is just as relevant as the present and must be shared in order for all to understand who they are in full. As the African proverb goes, “Until the Lion has his historian, the hunter will always be a hero.””


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